The GM’s Dressing Dice™ is a TOOL that will help aspiring Game Masters in their tabletop role-playing games like DnD, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, etc. GM’s DRESSING DICE™ serves the purpose of being rollable roll tables. Keep in mind that the GM’s Dressing Dice™ is not a game, it is a tool that will help Game Masters (GM’s) populate the empty rooms with props like furniture and decoration.

The size of GM’s Dressing Dice™ is 20mm. They are bigger than the standard d6 dice, which makes the images bigger and a lot clearer. The color of the dice is rustic ivory.

The GM’s Dressing Dice™ – Dungeon 2 – set provides you with an additional eight six-sided dice, with each die covering the themes from the set – Dungeon 1 –. The themes of the dice are Lord’s Manor, King’s Castle, Dark Cavern, Deep Dungeon, Ancient Ruin, Priest’s Temple, Wizard’s Tower, and Rowdy Tavern.