The GM’s Dressing Dice™ is a TOOL that will help aspiring Game Masters in their tabletop role-playing games like DnD, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, etc. GM’s DRESSING DICE™ serves the purpose of being rollable roll tables. Keep in mind that the GM’s Dressing Dice™ is not a game, it is a tool that will help Game Masters (GM’s) populate the empty rooms with props like furniture and decoration.

The size of GM’s Dressing Dice™ is 20mm. They are bigger than the standard d6 dice, which makes the images bigger and a lot clearer. The color of the dice is rustic ivory.

The GM’s Dressing Dice™ – Dungeon 1 – set contains eight six-sided dice, with each die covering one theme. The themes of the dice are Lord’s Manor, King’s Castle, Dark Cavern, Deep Dungeon, Ancient Ruin, Priest’s Temple, Wizard’s Tower, and Rowdy Tavern.